12 June 2017

Could be the start of a comeback. World wide it seems to be tough on the art market. Has been for as while. 

One market that seems to be doing well is crypto currencies. I expect to be doing something with this area in the near future. 

When bitcoin was at $100 I was very tempted to do a bitcoin series and take payments in bitcoin. Now that bitcoin is trading over $2000 I think I will have to modify things a bit.  

23 May 2016

It has been a long time between updates. If you are reading this one chances are I will edit it a couple of times in the near future. 

Believe it or not I am doing the updates the only way I know how. Using Microsoft FrontPage 2003. One of the highlights of my life was meeting one of the developers/writers of HTM who bought my artwork. I wanted to ask him for advice on updating my web page but at the time I thought it might not be appropriate. 

I have some mixed news. 

To start with I would like to thank anyone who has ever bought my artwork. To the people who hate my artwork I want to thank you too. The people who have bought my artwork have kept me going. In one time of my life you were putting food on my table. The people who hate my artwork have been my best source of free advertising. 

Just over a year ago a cyclone hit my dream and converted the Three Churches into Two Churches. You can read about the Two Churches at www.threechurches.net and www.facebook.com/twochurchesemupark The clean up is just about done. 

Anyone who has bought my artwork is welcome to stay at my place for free for a while. I would also like to thank the people who have let me stay at your place for free for a while. There is nothing more I love in this world than seeing my artwork hanging up in your home. On top of that I love meeting the hard core people who just love art. Not just my artwork but the entire spectrum. 


Here is the part you might not like to read. 

I don't just paint for visual beauty I also paint for financial rewards. My whole life is not dedicated to art. I think I am much more well rounded than that. If all you did was paint then I think you would be quite a boring person. I hate reading artists statements when they write shit like "I have only ever wanted to paint all my life. Painting is everything to me." I have been very lucky to meet artists who have sold more than the average artist and I can assure you they have healthy interests outside of art. 

In the last three years more of my time has been dedicated to property renovations than to art. Quite simply because property renovations is more profitable than selling a painting for a couple of hundred dollars. My interests can change depending on where the money is. It can change between share trading/investing, property renovations, selling art and automated trading currencies using MT4. I also had a girlfriend that took up too much of my time. 


Just to clarify something. 

You are not a mechanic unless someone pays you to fix their car. 

You are not a chef unless someone pays you for a meal. 

You are not an artist unless someone buys your artwork. 


13 November 2014

The artworld seems to be a bit slow for most people involved. 

For the last year I have been working on a new project. You can find it by searching for "Three Churches Emu Park" on Facebook. 



17 February 2013

Dixie has emailed me in some of her thoughts about my artwork and I thought it would be a shame if I was the only one to read her comments. So I have posted them below. 


You certainly are gusty and quite the pioneer in the art world.

The more I read about your art, the more I thought about Pop Art (but then on reflection I don't mean to narrow it down; each new art movement/concept redefines and challenges existing views).  Are you the only artist stripping art back in such a way?

I admire how you've challenged the romance attached to art and stripped it down to what you see it as.  I think your art work holds up because of the your philosophies.    


What you are doing is very interesting; you are holding up a mirror to the art world and proving a really valid point.  It is very clever of you to only paint the next in a series after one is sold.  
What a  conundrum you pose: your social commentary  of "its not art unless someone buys it" is extremely appealing to a collector while also being kind of insulting.

I have to respectfully disagree with "it's not art unless someone buys it"

I agree that your past career gives great credibility to your work and has enabled you to challenge the notion of art for arts sake and stripped it back to a philosophy.  That's the part I find most impressive about your work . . . it's not just about ascending monetary symbols on canvas, there is truth behind your series; your concept.  I think art history will acknowledge that, astute collectors will see that.

Land based boat painters who paint what they have not experienced . . . .pfft, of course they can.  Art is about observation, inspiration, commentary, desire, emotion, vision, experimentation, challenge, protest, admiration, beauty, repulsion, symbolism; it's limitless.  Each artist has a particular motivation behind their work; expression, experience, compulsion, culture, rebellion etc, and sometime just because.  Just because it's there, just because it's worth capturing.


25 June 2012

I am putting up the art exchange page after a long absence. Finally some single digit paintings at realistic prices. 


28 April 2012

Rex sent this in. Thought it was pretty cool.


4 March 2012

Reserved for Jason Tomasino (NASDAQ Exchange) 

Eloqua is about to hit the Nasdaq Exchange but Jason is not allowed to buy the painting until listing day. Eloqua is a company that specializes in automated internet marketing. I am sure I could use their services since I have to do this entire web site manually using Frontpage which is very out of date and I have an emailing list that I hardly ever use except to let people know that I am going overseas and I am looking for a place to stay :) 

Incidentally Dwight McWethy has gotten in early to reserve the stock code painting for Facebook. I am sure the CEO will be pissed off. Dwight sells some pretty cool stuff on his web site related to Chairman Mao and the Chinese Cultural Revolution. 

st year I read a 

15 February 2012

Late last year I read a book about how to price goods and services. As a result I changed the price of the Stock Code Paintings from $US 200 to $US 199. After selling a Stock Code Painting for $199 I had to change the price back to $200. It just did not seem right. I realize that I do try to apply business principals to my artwork but this seemed a bit pathetic when I think about the people who buy my artwork. 

Since October I have been trading currencies quite successfully using MT4. If this results in selling "Currency Pairs" Paintings it would not surprise me. 

5 February 2012

For the sake of world peace I begged Jean-Francois to mix the Bunderburg Rum before drinking it.

(Australians know what I am talking about)

My highlight for 2011 was meeting Jean-Francois Groff and staying at his house for a couple of nights in Switzerland. I was lucky to experience some great hospitality and conversation from himself and his family. Jean-Francois owns three of my paintings and it was great to see them again. Switzerland is also my favorite country in the world and if it wasn't for the lack of beaches I would be an illegal immigrant like the thousands of others. 

Jean-Francois did say that I had a good lifestyle of selling paintings around the world to people I don't know and then later staying at people's places who have bought my artwork. That has never been my intention but it has worked out that way on occasions. It was the internet that has made it possible and it has also broken down the traditional art gallery/dealer/ collector relationship. 

1 February 2012

This was a really bizarre interview as part of the "Greedy Bastarts" exhibit in Paris last year. Questions in French and answers in English. 

31 November 2011

Ok at the risk of offending everyone the Anthony White's Guide to Conceptual Art is just getting the final touches. 

Go Here to read the Beta edition. Let me know what you think.  


2 November 2011

I am currently "Artist of the Month" on  www.welikeartists.com 

18 August 2011 

Spoke today at Yeppoon State High School about modern art, conceptual art and appropriation. The students were terrific and some even had the guts to tell me that my art is not art. One even called me a con artist. I would have loved to have failed these students and only give A+'s to the students who love my work. It did make me think that learning about my artwork should be on the agenda for all high schools around the world.  



28 June 2011

I only paint to make money.

8 April 2011

The Paris exhibit is going really well and unfortunately is coming down to the last couple of days. The entire exhibit is almost all sold out. 

I would like to thank the French Government for providing such great gallery space and also to the people of 59 Rue de Rivoli who run the best art gallery in Paris. 

I would also like to thank the people I exhibited with. I could not ask for a better group. I'll post more details of the other artists when I get back to Australia. 



20 February 2011


The Paris exhibit is definitely going ahead at 59 Rivoli from 29 March 2011 to 17 April 2011which is just down the road from the Louvre. I've booked my flights and I should definitely be there on opening night on the 31 March. I would love to catch up with you. 

24 December 2010

I have had a great year. Thank you to the people who have bought my art who make it all possible and thank you to the people reading this. 

23 December 2010

The latest Stockcode Paintings


Purchased by Nick Lawler 11 December 2010 as a Chinese NYE present for the Founder and Chairman of YOKU Cheung Koo Wing. (www.youku.com

Purchased by Martin Biggs 8 November 2010

The only real story is that I love the hypocrisy surrounding Starbucks in the UK, everyone criticizes it before spending their money there. 

12 November 2010

Art prices is propelled by what is known as a ratchet effect. A  ratchet turns in only one direction, and then locks into place.  Don Thompson            

The $12 Million Dollar Stuffed Shark The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art 
I feel that my artwork "The Money Series" is a perfect example of the ratchet effect and this is what I was trying to achieve, I just did not have a name for it. What artist doesn't want their artwork to continually go up in value? 

29 October 2010


Monopoly Board Poster. Currently on display at Frank Mckenzie-Hunt Art Space (Yeppoon) 


15 October 2010


Paris Exhibit

I’ll be exhibiting in Paris next year at  59 Rivoli from 27 March 2011 to 11 April 2011. At this stage I intend on being at the opening. I have been to Paris before and really enjoyed the food, wine and  fashion so this is a good excuse to go back. From what I can tell 59 Rivoli has an extremely interesting history which you can read about here  and is just down the road from the Louvre.  In 2006 10 Million Euros was spent renovating the building from a “squat” to an “after squat”. I am expecting to be in Parris the week before and the week after the opening. I would love to catch up with you.

Warm Up!

In warming up for the Paris Exhibition I have rented part of the Frank Mckenzie-Hunt Art Space in Yeppoon from now until the end of the year so I can experiment and trial a few new things in advance. The large Bar Code Posters and a few other pieces are currently on display.


17 September 2010

My first Bar Code Boxes has sold on eBay today for $US 282 ($AU 301). 


12 September 2010

Spent way too much time in this bar in Queenstown New Zealand. 

31 August 2010

Just sold the $AU 172 Painting and a couple of hours later the $173 Painting. It has been a while since I have sold one of the Australian series so it is good to see it moving along. What creates the sales? Good economic times? Good promotion? Word of mouth or dare I say "visual beauty"? One day I am sure an economics or visual arts doctorate student will do a research paper on The Money Series. I've tried various forms of paid advertising and for some reason it never works. I wish it did because it would make the sales process very easy. 

3 August 2010

I only buy products that have bar codes on them.


15 July 2010

Most recent Stock Code Painting to be sold. 

I loved driving around San Jose seeing all the company headquarters such as Google, Yahoo, Adobe, eBay and Apple. It kind of felt like seeing the Great Pyramids for the first time. Without companies like these I think it would be possible for me to live in a small town like Yeppoon. 


29 June 2010

New Years Resolution

Still playing around with perfecting the Bar Code Paintings. The financial year in Australia goes from 1 July to 30 June. For this entire year I will not buy any product that does not have a bar code on it in order to support bar code culture. Any product that does not have a bar code on it is not worth buying anyway.

23 June 2010

I've had this idea for a TV show for quite some time.


Think of Big Brother or American Idol then think…….

Put seven artists in a house together getting them to produce art on a very regular basis. The artwork, prints, t-shirts etc can be sold on eBay, the official web site, an art gallery (near the house) or any other art gallery around the country. You could have an art opening every Friday night for ten weeks.

The goal is to see which artist can bring in the most amount of sales/ revenue/profit.

Revenue can be derived from people who phone up to vote for their favourite artist/artwork, sell tickets to the art openings, percentage of the art sales, selling the TV show to a network.

Entertainment is created by watching the artists interact, do their artwork and market/sell their work.

At the end of the show the artists auction off two of their best pieces and the winner is the one who got the best prices.

I feel that the power of being on TV on a regular basis will make all seven quite famous in a very short space of time. Just like Charles Saatchi made many artists famous with clever press releases and Jay Joplin made many artists famous by exhibiting in “White Cube” the creator of this show may be seen as the next great art promoter and make the artists more famous and richer in an even shorter space of time. (At the same time making themselves a lot of money) 

The show could be done annually and it can also be done in different countries around the world.

12 June 2010

Working on some new art at the moment which will be launched later this year. Essentially they will be big and small multi-colored Bar Code Paintings. You could call the one above an early "study". It is quite rare for me to put my art on something other than canvas. Essentially I don't believe that "art should be everywhere". I am a traditionalist and only believe that art is created by applying paint to canvas.  

The Australian wine industry is extremely innovative.  Plastic corks, four liter casks, three liter bottles, one liter bottles, plastic bottles, screw top bottles etc. Essentially anything  to upset the good people of France. (What I hate is that the French wine I drink in France is excellent and the wine they export to Australia tastes like Kangaroo piss.) Another Australian innovation is the "Clean Skin". I love "Clean Skins" because essentially you are judging the wine on it's taste and not intangibles such as name or artwork on the label. Anyway it's always good fun making your own labels for clean skins. 

17 May 2010

Getting a bit frustrated by the Coal Sculptures. I've pre sold a few Coal Sculptures but I am not happy with the presentation to send then out into the world. 

29 April 2010

I often get accused of applying business principals to my artwork and supposedly business and art should not mix. Anyway I don't care. 

If you have bought one of my paintings previously to the 29 of April and for some reason you are not happy with it. Please feel free to return it to me and I will refund your purchase price plus your postage costs. Customer satisfaction is important to me. 


28 April 2010 

For those people who ask me where my creativity comes from it really comes from my parents. Both of them where accountants.

Currently working on painting more Dump Trucks. Ultimately I would like to be painting life size dump trucks that sell for the same price as the real ones. I love driving dump trucks as much as I loved being a stockbroker and an international artist. 

I am spending more time experimenting with making coal sculptures. Coal really is beautiful and something that should be admired and not burnt. 

26 January 2010

This email was sent to me late last year. I bought ten of the paintings for January. I really love the pricing. 

Hi Anthony,

Here's an art project we've been doing throughout 2009.

My son is 2.  We gave him crayons and paper at the start of the year, and have gotten him to draw a picture before tea each night. 

Art for art's sake.  And for fun too.


In a sort of inspired-by-you way, we intended to sell the pieces at first.  With an elaborate 'buying scheme' $1 for pictures done in january, $2 for feb, $3 for March....Up to $12 for December versions.

But we weren't super serious in becoming art dealers, just people who wanted to celebrate life with a two year old learning about the world of art.

So the only ones he's sold is to his aunty and us!  But that's cool with us.

Anyway, we've always loved your money series, and thought we'd send you a link to our little project for 2009.  It's almost done!  It makes us think about art in different ways, and hopefully this series of ours will remind us, and others, that everyone can make art, and that each piece is unique...



On behalf of Noah, the painter


26 November 2009

Dump Truck

200cm x 150cm acrylic on canvas

The Dump Truck Painting is currently being auctioned on eBay. I have held this painting for too long and I think it is time to move on. You become an artists by selling art. I would much rather the painting to be hung up on your wall rather than my wall. The painting will come with a lifetime (my lifetime) money back return policy. If you return the painting to me in good condition any time after one year then I will refund 100% of your purchase price. A lot of artists don't like me applying business principals to my artwork but I don't care. I don't see myself as a typical artist. Why should any artist not have a lifetime return policy on their artwork? 

3 November 2009

Melbourne Cup winner Shocking, ridden by Corey Brown, returns to scale. <EM>Photo: Sebastian Costanzo</EM>

Melbourne Cup winner Shocking, ridden by Corey Brown

I was a bit desperate for inspiration this year to find a horse to bet on for the Melbourne Cup. Usually I go for names, astrology, the tea leaf tip or numerology to pick a winner. Nothing was working until I saw the colors and really loved this orange and black combination.  


29 October 2009

Should be heading over to Heiden Switzerland on April 23 for the launch of some new public artwork by H.R.Fricker in honor of the founder of the Red Cross who lived  not far from where Fricker lives.

I should also be trying to catch up with Cedric Mnich in France and a couple of other people. Nothing I love more than to see my artwork hanging up in someone else's home.

12 September 2009

With time moving on the Salathe and White Art Bonds are becoming better value as the days progress. Even I am tempted to buy one just as a short term investment. www.salatheandwhite.com 

21 August 2009

Earlier this year I bought the domain name anthonywhite.com after years of trying. It was not a cheap purchase but I am a long term believer in my artwork so I thought it might come in handy later on. Currently if you go to www.anthonywhite.com  it will redirect you to www.anthonywhite.net  

9 August 2009

Good art inspires you to reach for your wallet.


31 March  2009

If you have been wondering why the ramblings page has not been updated often it is basically due to computer problems that some how has cost me thousands of dollars. I am not a real expert at web page design and basically I do the site myself even though I am not good at it.

The reason why I do it myself is that I have learnt that it is not a great idea to rely on other people and that as an artist you tend to get creative and make sales at a time that is not compatible with the person who updates your site.

One day I am sure the site will rely a lot more on web bots and automation.  Maybe one day a web bot will paint my paintings as well.


11 February  2009

I am only happy when I am making money.


14 December 2008



Last year I was at the Tate Modern and I walked into one of the rooms and they had a Duchump, Warhol, Koons and another artist who had some caned shit on display. This was the first time I have seen a Koon’s work in person. I was really struck with just how perfect the presentation was and how perfect the art was. (basket balls floating in a tank of something). Until I saw this work I always thought Koon’s was over rated.

One thing I don’t understand in a lot of public galleries is the policy of not being able to take photographs inside and not being able to take photographs of the artwork. I had to wait about 20 minutes for the security guard to leave to get this photograph of me with Duchamp’s Urinal at the Tate Modern. As an artist I think it’s great that someone would want to take a photograph of your work and pathetic that someone would try and stop you.

21 November 2008

I'm displaying my artwork in my home town of Yeppoon for the first time in over 3 years. 

The Vault Art Exhibit 1 hour only

12 December 2008 6.30 PM to 7.30 PM

Frank Mackenzie Hunt Art Space

Upstairs Tabone's Corner Shop 2 Yeppoon


6 October  2008

It’s my Birthday today and I guess it is a good time to reflect on the last twelve months.

Last year I celebrated my birthday with renowned mail artist H.R. Fricker and his family in Switzerland. At the time I felt that my artwork is finally taking me where I want it to go. Going to interesting places, meeting interesting people and having good conversation.  I also got to produce some mail art with Fricker and this was terrific.

In Switzerland I also caught up with Sala and together we produced three paintings that sold soon after.

London was also on the agenda. More recently I was in San Jose and Tokyo.  I am expecting the travel to continue.  Next year I am aiming for New York and Paris.

A couple of weeks ago I started The Gallery Series and already the first painting is sold. I am just putting the finishing touches on some new art based on recent experiences. You can have a sneak preview at the new Coal page. The Dump Truck painting is also featured in The Gallery Series.

The first six hours of my birthday was spent driving a dump truck. Looking forward to the next twelve months.

28 September  2008

Last week I had a mini launch of The Gallery Series. The first painting has been sold and I am just working on the second painting at the moment. 

25 September  2008

I mailed my first painting to Belgium today. I love selling my art all around the world. It really is a magical feeling. 

24 September  2008

I wrote on the 22 June and the 16 May that I am working on the new Moon Franchise Agreement. I am just putting the finishing touches on it now. 

I came across this this artist last week. Maybe the "last painting sold" + $1 is going to be the pricing method of the future.  

17 August  2008

I don’t understand why the Olympic Games organizers even bother with drug testing. I’ve had to compete against artists who take performance enhancing drugs for years. 

8 August  2008

Enjoying my last day in San Jose at the Museum of Art.

As expected working with Sala was very challenging but I do think that it was worthwhile in that we produced our best work to date. I've had a great time in Silicon Valley and I hope that the taxman can appreciate this trip as much as I have. It's cool seeing the factories like Apple, Adobe & Paypal that make my art business possible. I really enjoyed hanging out at Mountain View, Sunny Vale & Palo Alto. I sell so much artwork to these three cities I feel that I should go door to door selling my artwork. Thankfully because of the good people of Silicon Valley I don't need to do this.

Once again it was great catching up with some people who have bought my artwork.

Currently I have some art on display at Leslies's Artgallery 66-68 rue de Luxembourg, L-6140 Bridel, Luxembourg.

21 July  2008

Moti Hooper who owns Gnomes Resturant wrote;

The painting is fantastic and sits above my cash register where it is bringing me luck.  This week was much more viable than the previous weeks and I think it is due to the painting, and the feng shui colours.  It also inspired much mirth amongst my staff and landlord, who then took it upon themselves to write a dollar amount on everything yellow that we have in the cafe - so we now have yellow buckets, chopping boards and fly swatters with dollar amounts scrawled across them in red nikko.  Customers have been asking if we really want $154 for the yellow bucket...

29 June  2008

Over the last six months I've lost over thirty kilograms. I basically gave up drinking, smoking and almost became a vegetarian. I'm in the running to be Yeppoon's Weight Watcher of the year. Why am I sharing this with you? 

I wish I got some video footage of me painting in the early days. I would start painting at about 9am. I would drink Classic Dry White (The French don't let us call it something else anymore) and smoke all day while working on about eight paintings at the same time. I would paint on my balcony which over looked Keppel Bay. It was a great way to spend a day. I had tried painting without the wine and it did not make any difference to the production which I found quite amazing. 


28 June  2008

About a year ago I started this website which is dedicated to the artwork in the movie Wall Street. I found it hard to believe that there are other people who do Google searches to find out more about this artwork. When most people watch Wall Street they think about the stockbroking and inside trading etc. Art was a prominent feature in the Wall Street movie which is often over looked.. In particular I always liked the artwork that was in Gordon Gecko’s office. Gordon Gecko, Bud Fox and Darien all made some really interesting comments regarding the value of art and the modern art market. 

On another topic I can not wait for this financial year to be over (30 June in Australia). 

22 June  2008

Still working on the new Moon Franchise Agreement. The canvas is huge so I am taking my time getting used to the size. I am wanting this to be the piece that gets me from selling work in the low hundreds to selling work in the thousands. 

I'll be in San Jose from 29 July to the 9th of August. I'll have a couple of nights in Tokyo before then. 

31 May  2008

I seem to be developing a pile of art next to my front door that I bought and can not be bothered taking out of the packaging. As well as selling art on the internet I also like buying art as well. 

Just getting the plans together now for San Jose and it looks like I will have a two night stop over in Tokyo which sounds great because I have always wanted to go there and I love Japanese food.  Yeppoon could really do with a Japanese takeaway. However despite selling art to people all over the world I am yet to sell one to someone in Japan. I'll try and rectify this before I go. 


24 May  2008

I'm just starting to get the details together for visiting Sala from “Salathé & White” in San Jose late July. Really looking forward to this for a number of reasons. I sell more artwork to people in the San Jose area than I do in the whole of Australia . I am hoping to catch up with a few of these people. I love seeing my artwork hanging up in people’s homes and work places. I was in San Jose about five years ago and really loved it. (I took the costal road from LA) It was amazing being in a place that has had so much influence on the world. 

Lately I’ve been reading about the muti million dollar art sales in Australia and around the world. I can except that at an auction the bidders set the price for a piece of art and this is fair enough. Before I started The Money Series I found it really hard putting a price on my artwork. If I set the price low then people would think the work was crap and not buy it if I put a high price on the art people would like it but not buy it. I am really glad that The Money Series gets around this dilemma and I always know what I am going to paint next. 


16 May  2008

I’m just getting ready for the tenth anniversary of the Moon Franchise Agreement which was the first piece of art that I was very satisfied with. The Moon Franchise was the first piece of art I did that may be described as “conceptual art”. Up until that time I was painting still life. I had no idea what the term conceptual art meant. The work really was a reflection of the environment that I was in. What I really like about this piece is that it is just as relevant today as it was ten years ago. Something that many people don’t pick up on is that part of the art makes fun of limited edition prints which I don't tend to like. I’ve bought a huge canvas which is 72 by 48 inches to hand paint one of the agreements. The territory will be starting from where longitude and latitude cross at zero degrees. Due to the size the painting it is designed to end up in a gallery like the Tate Modern or MOMA so I hope that the person who buys it is a good custodian of the work.  

18 April  2008

No Longer driving a dump truck at Blackwater which is a hard core coal mining town. The six weeks I spent at Blackwater was a rather strange experience for me. About two thousand people live in Blackwater which is not really close to anywhere. Some people may call it the “outback”. I did see kangaroo’s just about everyday on the way to work.  Blackwater is a town that you would only live there if you had a high paying job. All over town are signs that say “Safety is our number one priority.” Safe thing tend to be boring. Most of my friends in Yeppoon all seem to have pretend jobs or pretend businesses that don’t involve a lot of time or work and don’t ever seem to actually produce anything. The contrast has been interesting.

14 April  2008

If this is how the stock market works I hate to imagine how the art market works.

Once upon a time a man appeared in a village and announced to the villagers that he would buy monkeys for $10 each.

The villagers, seeing that there were many monkeys around, went out into the forest and started catching them.

The man bought thousands at $10 and as supply started to diminish the villagers stopped their effort.

He then announced that he would buy at $20.This renewed the efforts of the villagers and they started catching monkeys again.

Soon the supply diminished even further and people started going back to their farms.

The offer increased to $25 each and the supply of monkeys became so little that it was an effort to even see a monkey, let alone catch it.

The man now announced that he would buy monkeys at $50!

However, since he had to go to the city on some business, his assistant would now buy on his behalf.

In the absence of the man, the assistant told the villagers. "Look at all these monkeys in the big cage that the man has collected.

I will sell them to you at $35 and when the man returns from the city, you can sell them to him for $50 each."

The villagers rounded up all their savings and bought all the monkeys. But they never saw the man again, nor his assistant, only monkeys everywhere!

Now you have a better understanding of how the stock market works.


12 April  2008

Bond Nr. 3 is being auctioned on eBay latter this month. You can learn more about the  painting at www.salatheandwhite.com 



10 April  2008


A big announcement today. "The Money Series" will be part of a group art exhibit at Sherry Frunkin Gallery in Santa Monica. I sell more paintings to people living in California than anywhere else so I expect the exhibit should do quite well. I will not be attending the opening or the exhibit at this stage. If you do go could you please take some photo's and email me a few comments. I would really appreciate it. 

Opening Reception - Sat 26 April 6-8 PM

310/ 397-7493 ph

8 April  2008

Anyone who works for JPMorgan Chase who would like to buy the Bear Stearns Stock Code Painting for $US 2 please let me know.

31 March  2008

Jeff reserved the $US 928 Painting and he was kind enough to send me his inspiration.


30 March  2008

Bond Nr.2 has been sold. I expect Bond Nr. 3 will go on sale next month. This is the last Bond Painting that I painted with Sala while I was in Switzerland. What this means is that I am expecting another trip to Zurich in the near future to paint some more. Really looking forward to this. (Dear Tax Man this is a legitimate business trip.) 

This is a photo of me driving the dump truck.

You often read about actors who research a roll by actually playing it out in real life. Method acting. Artists are often renowned for exploring the good side of life such as fine food, good wines, painting in exotic locations etc. I think I have gone overboard with my latest artistic endeavors by exploring the unglamorous side of life and have taken things too far. This has been the first time in my life that I have actually worked on producing something that has some intrinsic value apart from art. However I will say that the people I work with do look like successful rock stars. At the moment I am driving a Caterpillar dump truck in the coal mining town of Blackwater which is about three hours drive west of Yeppoon where I live.  The artistic message I am getting from this is "think big". 

If I can ever get my video camera working this should be the location of my first attempt at video art. Rather than getting a new camera I am getting a new computer. Mac lap top with wireless broadband. 


29  March  2008

Got this from Matt. 

Hi Anthony,
Just stumbled across your website today.  Pitch perfect!  Your cynicism about the art industry and your open effort to manipulate demand are brilliant.  (In high school I dreamed of creating t-shirts with logos showing the price paid for the shirt).  Because I'm also an entrepreneur and investor, I'd like to reserve these numbers for your US money series:
303 (Chicago area code)
310 (LA area code)
1492 (Columbus)
1600 (White House address)
1913 (US Federal Reserve established)
1960 (Kennedy election)
1968 (year of turmoil)
1969 (moon landing, Woodstock)
1980 (Reagan election)
1984 (Orwellian)
1991 (collapse of anti-capitalist USSR)
1999 (Y2K)
2001 (new millennium)
Best of success,
Matt Evans


7 March  2008

Bond Nr. 2 is being auctioned on eBay here. You can read about the  painting at www.salatheandwhite.com

I have spent half of today cleaning out my art studio and the other half trying to get to know my new computer. 

10 February 2008

It has been a long time between updates. I have still been selling art over the last couple of months. My computer has been at the repair shop the last couple of weeks and still is. This has been a real pain to an internet junkie like myself.

Probably the big news is that I will most likely be moving from Yeppoon early this year. I have started giving away a lot of the junk that I have acquired to make the move easier. I do not intend on taking anything with me from Yeppoon except some clothes and my art collection. I have also given notice to move out of my art studio in downtown Yeppoon.

Sala and myself have started communicating in regards to our next bond auction at www.salatheandwhite.com We are both very committed to this project and what we are trying to convey.

Yesterday I got an email from an art gallery in California regarding the possibility of an art exhibit in April. We have swapped a couple of emails and this is looking promising. Will keep you posted.

6 December  2007

The £6 Painting is now up for sale on eBay.

4 December  2007

In less than a day the three single digit paintings have sold for $US 600 each. Maybe they were priced too cheaply. Leanne is now willing to buy any single digit painting for $US 500. She must have had a good stockbroker to think like this.

3 December  2007

Quite a few paintings are now for re-sale on The Art Exchange including three single digits.

23  November 2007

The first Salathé and White Bond Painting has just been sold on eBay for $US 1286.

 12  November 2007

Mailed my first painting to Luxembourg today. (€130 Painting)

8 November 2007


To see the new artwork and to read about my partnership with Swiss artist Marcel Salathé go to http://www.salatheandwhite.com

7 November 2007

Here are some various photos taken on my recent trip to London and Switzerland. I think that the highlight of my trip was seeing so many of my paintings hanging up in people's homes. I guess traditionally you exhibit your artwork in a gallery and chances are you will never meet the people who buy your work. I guess the gallery owners like it this way.


Having lunch with H.R.Fricker


Catching up with Thomas & Ursula Bänziger in their home.


Fricker took me to Karlheinz Pichler's home in Austria for dinner. Karlheinz has the best modern art collection I have ever seen in someone's home. You could spend an hour on the toilet just looking at the art! I can also recommend his poetry book, Die Ohren So Blau.


Karl Kronig who is in charge of the collection at The Museum of Communication in Bern gave me an excellent guided tour of the Museum. This is a photo of Karl showing me part of the extensive mail art collection in the vault. This was the biggest vault I have ever seen. We spent some time talking about the growth of "internet art" and the rise of artists who are only exhibiting and selling their artwork on the internet.

Before entering the Museum I felt quite at home. eBay European headquarters is across the road and a post office is next door.




I spent a couple of days at this Cafe/Restaurant in Bern working on some new artwork. Architecturally I loved the mix of  indoor and outdoor dinning. It was a great place to get some work done.


This was my favorite piece of artwork in the Kunsthaus.



I had an excellent dinner at Teresa Critien's place just outside of London. I also enjoyed seeing these paintings again.


22 October 2007

Currently in London.

The last few days with Sala in Zurich has been quite exhausting both mentally and physically. However I am pleased with the results of the artwork we produced together.

12 October 2007

Things have been going exceptionally well in Switzerland. H.R. Fricker picked me up from Zurich Airport. Went back to his place in Trogen for Fondue and Swiss wine. We also made some mail art together. I left four days later. Have caught up with some of my art collectors. I will show you the photos when I get a chance to download them. Switzerland is my third biggest market for art sales so I feel that the trip here has been very important. (Get the hint tax man)

Spent three nights in Bern which is the capital of Switzerland. Had lunch at this cafe/restaurant which had a river flowing under it. I was so intrigued by this place I had to eat there (twice) regardless of the price. In particular I spoke to Karl Kronig who is the curator of the Communication Musem in Bern about the potential for an art exhibit in the future. He seems to be following closely the internet art scene.

I am currently staying with Sala in Zurich. We are working on a new art project together which is quite exciting. Particularly since it could mean a trip to California early next year to work on the production of the art.

27 September 2007

I've been getting a few sales from the Saatchi Online Gallery lately. Was not sure why until I found this. It is quite touching to be someone's favorite.

The Have Fun in Europe Fund is coming on nicely. A few more hundred added today.

26 September 2007

Something I did not expect is that I will be delivering one of my painting to Switzerland myself! I am sure the tax man will understand why the trip is a tax deduction. 

24 September 2007

Mailed my first painting to Ireland today. The $US 168 Painting.

18 September 2007

The Have Fun in Europe Fund is coming on well with over $1000 in the kitty.

18 September 2007

Went sailing on the weekend and had lunch just off this Island which is about a three hour sail from Yeppoon.


13 September 2007

Some people have worked it out that I will be catching up with  artists H.R. Fricker and Sala in Switzerland. However I am also catching up with some of my collectors as well Thea and Wanda Fricker, Thomas and Ursula Baenziger,  Hanspeter Schiess, Hannes Eggli, Stef & Roman Studer. I'll also be doing a boarder crossing to Austria to see Karl Pichler.

Nothing better I love seeing than my artwork hanging up in someone else's home.

12 September 2007

The revenue from all paintings sold between now and the 27th of October will be going into the Have Fun in Europe Fund. I will spend all the proceeds while overseas and I'll write how the money got spent here.

When I'm not traveling overseas or buying shares I do like to buy art. You will be able to read about it shortly on "The Portfolio" page which I am working on at the moment.

Went surfing this morning and got a few small waves. Where did all the people go?

11 September 2007

Have just booked my flights. I fly into Zurich on the 4th of October and fly out of London on the 27 October. At this time I think I'll only be spending a couple of days in London to see White Cube, Saatchi Gallery and Tate Modern. If you want to catch up with me to do the gallery tour just send me an email.

7 September 2007

Sold a painting recently to somebody who found me on this web site. I find it hard to believe that the web site is still up from May 2001.

Catlin Kemble-Welch


4 September 2007

Sold some more Money Series Paintings and I am still enjoying the new wine bar in Yeppoon.

Currently investigating a trip to Switzerland in October. Would like to catch up with a couple of my collectors.

25 August 2007

An all round excellent week. Sold three paintings,  went surfing a couple of times, found a new orchid that needs picking, been spending heaps of time at a new wine bar that opened in Yeppoon and found time to do some painting.

21 August 2007

Just sold CHRW which is listed on NASDAQ.

20 August 2007

Must be bonus time at Goldman Sachs Group Inc as well because I just sold this stock codes.

19 August 2007

Just sold the JPMorgan Chase stock code (JPM) to C.A. who works as an analyst at JPMorgan. I got this message from C.A. just received my bonus, and I am a huge fan of irony.


7 August 2007

I've been away on an island for the last week so I can not read or watch the financial markets. It reminds me of the story about a tree that falls in the forest......


21 July 2007



Is this any surprise that this Stock Code Painting sold to a jeweller? Just finished the painting today. Glass of wine in one hand and paint brush in the other.


13 July 2007

Something I never told ABN AMRO

I started The Money Series  in April 2004 and at the time I was working as a stockbroker. It was fun painting my artwork on the weekends and stockbroking during the week. I felt like I had some balance even if I was making money seven days a week.

After a while I found myself missing some fun things on the weekend in order to keep up with demand for my artwork. To me having fun with the process is just as important as the outcome when it comes to making art. However I was not finding the painting process fun when I felt like I was missing out on something else.

To combat this I started painting at work. I would shut my door and pretend that I was with a client. I would ask my assistant to put all my calls on hold. I would write the fake appointments in my diary. Then I would spend an hour or two on my artwork. I was painting numbers on canvas while watching numbers on my screen so I was in the right environment to produce my art.

This was a great system.


12 July 2007



Have just come back from a four day sailing trip from Yeppoon to the Sunshine Coast. The first photo is of a bow surfing dolphin. These are majestic creatures and it really is amazing seeing them up close.

When I was working as a stockbroker I went sailing for the first time with some friends for four days about four years ago without telecommunications or going near a newsagent. I could not believe that I could survive without checking share prices or having access to the financial media.


1July 2007

It is interesting to see where the year has gone for The Money Series. I did this painting as a special commission for Dick Shave last year. The painting has four signatures on it because it is really is four paintings on one canvas. The 1 July was chosen the date to commemorate where The Money Series is up to on the 1st day of the financial year in Australia and many other countries. Dick has purchased The Art Exchange painting for 2007. If you are wanting to order The Art Exchange painting for the 1st of July 2008 please let me know.


10 June 2007

This is a one year anniversary from being deleted from Wikipedia. Over three hundred paintings have been sold in the last year. If anyone can improve on my write up it would be appreciated.




2 June 2007

Breaking news. I have just been told that The Money Series have appeared on Swiss TV. This is Thomas Banziger being interviewed about something else with his paintings in the background. ($AU 155 & £110 Paintings)


30 May 2007

Here are some scenes in Wall Street regarding art.  

Bud  - So what do you see in this.

Darien - Purity. Innocence.

Bud - $2000 down the drain if you ask me.

Darien -  So I guess you can kiss your career as an art appraiser down the drain because we paid over $400 000 for it at the contemporary picture sale last June.

Bud - It's nice if you're on mushrooms. He sure has taken a bath on that one. I thought Gordon was an astute businessman.



This is Darien & Gordon at an art auction just after he paid $2 100 000 for a piece of modern art. It is hard to know what he bought. It seems that Gordon and Bud don't like art but they both use it to get closer to Darien.

Gordon - You're as beautiful as the painting I just bought. 

This is my favorite painting in the movie.

If you know anything about it can you please email me.

Gordon - This painting here. I bought it ten years ago for $60 000. I could sell it today for $600 000. The illusion has become real and the more real it becomes the more desperate they want it. Capitalism at it's finest.


21 May 2007

Long after I am gone I know that my artwork will still be remembered. I don't really care about this. What I would like to be known for saying is that 

The artist of tomorrow are the one's that are creating an internet presences today.


18 May 2007


On hearing that a sequel is to be made for Wall Street the movie I have written to Pressman Films to see if I get my artwork into the movie. Art was a prominent feature in the original Wall Street movie. In particular I always liked the artwork that was in Gordon Gecko’s office.

Gordon Gecko, Bud Fox and Darien all made some really interesting comments regarding the value of art and the modern art market. I'll get the movie out and share some of these comments with you.



(You may want to see the new web site on Wall Street Art)


2 May 2007

I spent the day helping set up the artwork for the Yeppoon Rotary Art Competition. This was the competition that started my artwork on the world tour. I will also be helping out tomorrow and I have volunteered to work on opening night this Saturday. I just feel that it is time that I put something back. I have always had a lot of respect for the Yeppoon Rotary Club. I have been to a few of their meeting and they are always talking about how to make the world a better place.


24 April 2007

Tod from Art Socket had this to say.

Whoa.  Your new work is brilliant.  As good as the money series is, this is significantly better.  It's an exchange of an exchange - a symbol of a symbol of an entire ideology that is also tangible, cultural and socio-economic - a representation of the very fabric of western material existence.
Mind boggling!
This is some of the best conceptual work I've ever seen.
Well done,

21 April 2007


Shanna Trenholm sent me this photo of her two paintings. She is Californian born and breed so I am not sure why she went for the European influence. Anyway the part I noticed was the clever table with the wine glasses that would have cost a lot more that my paintings. I have been to California and I have a soft spot for their wine. 


20 April 2007

Over Easter I have been working on the launch of some new artwork. I have had the idea for a while and I think the timing is better now than in the past. You can have a preview at http://www.anthonywhite.net/stockcodes.html please write to me and let me know what you think. It should take a while to fine tune the site and your input would be appreciated. Please remember that I am not a wiz at creating web pages. I do this site myself and I prefer it that way even if it does look like something from the 70's.

30 March 2007

I find it interesting that the US Dollar Series has overtaken the Australian Dollar Series. I am not sure if this means anything or not. The Pounds Series seems low at 108 GBP but it is still the most expensive painting currently for sale.

Over the last ten days I've painted and uploaded a few more Euro's, Pounds and US Dollar Paintings. Since the paintings have gone into triple digits I have noticed more people buying my art on the basis of visual beauty and want to see the painting first before ordering. I really feel that the concept of the series is more important than the actual style of any individual painting.


15 March 2007

Can not seem to get a good photo of the 120 Euro Painting. The background is a light green. I used glow in the dark paint which I have been experimenting with in my artwork for quite some time. If you have the right room for it this is a terrific painting.


12 March 2007

For an emerging artist I think that I have more secondary sales than any other artist I know about. Starting out I knew that I had to cultivate a strong secondary market to have a strong primary market but I think I may have taken it too far. After this action ($US 5 Painting) the painting will have had three different owners in less than 3 months and four different owners in the last 15 months since I sold the painting. All four owners have made a profit from owning and selling my artwork.

I think that I am going to start promoting my artwork on the basis of visual beauty rather than investment potential.


5 March 2007

Got this email from Pepe last week.

Hi Anthony
I was at a bit of a loose end this morning so I thought I'd work out what year Riiko Sakkinen could expect to take delivery of his $1000000 painting.  The only data I have to work with is the number of paintings sold to date and the date you started.  Using that I've worked out that that it should be done by the year 20837.  Probably April 23rd at about dinner time.


15 February 2007

Myself, Melinda and the $61 & $67 Paintings.


I got a write up in today's local newspaper - The Morning Bulletin. This photo was taken inside the Rockhampton Art gallery with the journalist Melinda Siegmeier.  Melinda was a finalist in the Miss Indy Competition on the Gold Coast last year. She looks tiny beside me. These two paintings are part of the Rockhampton Art Gallery collection. This was a good reminder as to how my art has changed over the last couple of years.

13 February 2007

First painting off to Portugal today. £107 Painting.

9 February 2007

I really feel that the artists of tomorrow are the ones that are getting a web presence today. I also feel that most artists that died before the internet took off are going to be forgotten a lot sooner if they don't have someone plugging them on the internet. I say this because I see a lot of my arty friends using Google & the internet to research artists.

5 February 2007

Just got this email from Alex.

Hi Anthony - Just wanted to update you on my 53-54-55 euro set.  In a complicated and late-night card  tournament I wagered my 54 euro painting and lost.  Peter and Christina Mack are now the owners. No money was exchanged. There is a double or nothing clause so I will have a chance to win it back. Alex

19 January 2007


Hi Anthony and Happy New Year. I thought I'd send you a photo of your work on my walls so you can see where they're living at the moment.

Thanks Pepe. I love seeing my paintings hanging up.

Pepe bought the £6 Painting in December for $US 170. In January three single digit paintings have sold for $US 500 each.


15 January

Record price for Anthony White Artwork.

Not long after yesterdays post the €8 Painting and the $US 8 have both sold for $US 500 each to two different buyers. There are still two single digit paintings for sale. Frank who is selling the paintings have now raised the price to $US 600 because the first two sold so quickly. 

14 January

Some single digit paintings are for sale on The Art Exchange. (update all sold)

8 January

This would be one of the funniest write-ups I have read about my artwork in a long time. I really love that Wikipedia have archived a page about me that can not be edited or deleted. Don't I get a say in this? No one asked me. 

6 January 2007

My New Year's Eve goal was not to eat any deep fried chips for 2007. This is really difficult in Yeppoon because when you eat out, every meal comes with chips. 

I am spending all January at Agnes Water. I own a house here and it is nice to enjoy it.

Last year I sold over 300 paintings. This is very humbling when I think that most artists would be lucky to sell 300 paintings in a life time. This year I will work hard at producing the best artwork I can because another goal of mine is to sell at least 300 paintings this year. 

14 December 06

When I was a stockbroker the goal was always to make the client money or to put it another way to make rich people richer. This tended to be the best form of advertising.

I am still not entirely comfortable with the recent secondary market sales on eBay.com of my work where some people make more money out of my art work than I do.


6 December 06

All the double digit painting have now been sold thanks to William Holt who bought the £97 Pound Painting. The £98 & £99 Pound Paintings have been reserved in advance. Also sent my first painting to South Africa which is also my first painting to Africa.


21 November 06

This is me with the Socialist Youth at the G20 protest march in Melbourne. I wonder what they would think of me starting an art production business with the sole intention of making money by creating art which is a good investments.

In order for artwork to be truly beautiful then their must be an element of investment as well. 

12 November 06

I no longer exhibit any of my artwork in Yeppoon despite having three galleries. I would rather stay focused on selling art on the internet.

31 October 06

I love sending my artwork to different countries around the world. However sending my first painting ($US 111 ) to the Googleplex really made my day. 



28 August 06

Phil Jenkins who bought the $AU 5,6,7,8,24  $US 5,6,7,8,24  & £ 5,6,7,8,24 has recently sold these paintings to Yeppoon art dealer Frank Mackenzie-Hunt for an undisclosed sum. I think Phil was a bit upset that I didn't tell him about the launch of the 's series. Incidentally I have a few people upset that I didn't tell them about the launch of the Euros as this has broken up a few sets.  It will be interesting to see what Frank does with these paintings. Ideally I hope they get sold to different people around the world. I don't think that keeping so many low numbers with the one buyer was good for the series.


26 August 06

Mailed my first painting to Slovenia today. I didn't know much about this country but I spent a bit of time on the internet doing some basic research. It's a great looking country with good architecture and a love of arts and culture.

I love sending my artwork around the world and I hope that this sort of global interaction makes the world a better place.


11 August 06


This piece is a commission from Dick Shave of New York. We swapped a few emails and a few ideas. Essentially Dick wanted three different currencies all on the one canvas. This got expanded to four currencies due to the Euro being launched. I really love the way this captures where the series was at on one particular day. The 1st of July was chosen because it is the start of the financial year in Australia. It was also the official launch date of the Euro. The US Dollars was launched 1 January 2006 and the pounds was launched 1 July 2005. I look forward to the 1st of July 2007 because it will be easy to see what I have done in the previous year. The painting has four signatures on it. The reason for this is because I feel that it is four paintings on the one canvas.

I have mentioned before that I consider the process just as important as the outcome. I did this painting and a few others while staying at a friends place near Montville Queensland. (below) It takes me a day to drive there and a day to drive back but without distractions such as the internet I find I get a lot done. 



 22 July 06

Had to close the guest book down. I love reading peoples comments about my art but it was becoming a spam factory. I have no idea why someone would want to send the same spam to my guest book three times a day! Thanks for nothing.


6 July 2006

I remember how excited I used to get sending my artwork to different states in Australia. Now I seem to get the same excitement from sending my artwork to different countries around the world. UK, USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, NZ, France, Canada,  Israel, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Norway.


$130 & £53 & $US45



Went to the Rockhampton Art Gallery last night to be one of the main speakers on "Conceptual Art". Talk went really well.


$130 & £52 & $US44

I finished work last week as a stockbroker. After seven years in the industry I was glad to see the end of it but also glad to be a part of it. September 11 was probably the most remembered day due to the challenges it created. If I knew how hard the next two years were going to be I would have quit that day. The Courier Mail business pages gave me a write up on my last day as a broker who was leaving to focus on my artwork. What was strange is that not one of my three hundred work colleagues commented on the article. 28 Feb 2006

$127 & £52

I’m sorry that I haven’t put much here on the ramblings. What I am discovering is that I don’t really have much that I would like to share. I have had a few requests for a CV but I would prefer not to bother with these sorts of details even if it means missing the occasional sale. I have started working on the US series. Still plenty of low numbers available. It is also about time that I bought a video camera as well. I want to start recording some short movies and documentaries.



My first sale to the UK. £31 sold on eBay.co.uk

It has been a bit of a slog to keep up with demand. The paintings take a little bit longer to do than what most people think. I am looking forward to concentrating on the UK market and later this year I should be starting on a new currency. (2 September 2005)


Selling the second 50 was a lot easier than the first 50. Thank you. It has been satisfying to see a couple of the single digit paintings sell for $AU500. I am sure this will work out to be an astute investment. Really happy with the way the pounds are working out. Can not wait to start selling them on eBay.co.uk



After four months of various negotiations I finally got to buy one of my paintings back. I bought the $9 painting off Leanne Adams for $300. I also offered $300 to everybody with a single digit painting. (ie less than $10) Phil Jenkins would accept $2500 for the $2 painting.



This is some feedback that I got from Cameron who bought the $59 painting on ebay.com.au

"This is the stupidest idea that I've heard since breakfast, so I figured I might as well slap my hard earned bucks in to it too. At least it's a talking point." (19 April 2005)


During the week Phil Jenkins bought the $2 Painting from Sean Kehoe for $50. Apparently Phil passed Sean in a Yeppoon supermarket and asked how much he would sell the painting for. Sean is going to Ireland for a wedding this month and apparently he really needed some money. Even though I am pleased that Sean made a 2500% profit on the painting that he bought less than a year ago I really felt that if he spoke to me first he could have got a better price. (25 January 2005)


$32 Been a good year

What I really hate is that now I don’t have any financial problems my artwork is selling quite well.

I moved houses just before Christmas. In the move I threw out a lot of my own artwork that I have been unable to sell over the last ten years. The clean out has also made me more focused on continuing with the $ Series. In the next twelve months I don’t think I will be doing any other artwork.  (2 Jan 05)


$20 - $23 Creating the For Sale Page

On this site I am also willing to display any of the $ Series that people have bought in the past and is now currently for sale. Just email me the details. I believe that in order to have a strong primary market for my artwork I must also create a strong secondary market as well. I have been in contact with the people who have bought my artwork in the past and currently nobody wants to sell. (6 September 2004)


$18 & $19

Both paintings sold on ebay.com.au. Rather pleased with ebay as it takes my artwork to a much larger audience than just my home town Yeppoon (population 8 000). When I listed the $5 painting for sale on ebay.com.au it did not sell so I am glad I had another go.  (5 September 2004)



It has been a little bit hard catching up to the demand. $4 to $12 have been sold before they were even painted. I am really impressed that I have sold so many painting as a result of the one exhibition. What is really amazing is that I have started selling some of the numbers in advance. I did not expect this to happen. I still basically paint the numbers in order so the people will have to wait until I get to their number before I paint it. (30 July 2004)   



Went to Lyn McClelland’s art opening at the Mill Gallery (5th June 2004). Her husband Andrew asked me how the $2 & $3 paintings went at the art competition. When I told him that they had both sold he asked how much the $4 painting was to buy. Strange question. It was a great feeling selling a painting at someone else’s opening to their partner.


The Economics of a $2 Painting

The hanging wire and backing is $5. To enter the painting into the Capricorn Coast Art Competition was $15. The canvas cost $12. The $1.50 I received from the sale (less $.50 commission) I donated to the Rotary Club that put on the competition. Seems that I am $32 worse off. So much for printing my own money.



The Money Series started April 2004 in Australian Dollars when I entered the $AU 2 & $AU 3 into the local Yeppoon Rotary Art Competition. I decided that if I didn't sell these paintings at the show I would never paint again. I was really feed up with years of minimal art sales. Both paintings sold on opening night. A few people went to the show the next day to buy the paintings but discovered they had sold. My artwork has been selling well ever since.






In order for art to be truly beautiful there must be an element of investment as well